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The Power Of Posture - 
Is it working For you, or Against you?


Ask anyone.... medical specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, 
even your mother..... they all agree that "posture" is important. And 
the longer you live, the more important good posture becomes. The 
presence of long-term postural problems nearly always results in chronic 
pain, disability, and diminished quality of life.

Consider for a moment what a "marvel" upright posture is! Imagine 
designing a machine that stands several feet tall, weighs one or two 
hundred pounds, sits on two movable stilts and maintains flawless 
balance while resting on two tiny platforms only a few square inches in 

Now add a large crane (the spine) above the stilts that enables the 
machine to bend, twist, lift, dance, etc. and two more cranes (arms) 
near the top of the structure to be used to reach and carry objects. And 
remember, while all these activities are going on, the machine remains 
perfectly balanced on an area just a few square inches in size.

Our most brilliant minds have yet to conceive of a way to replicate the 
marvel that is "upright human posture", yet it is something that most of 
us take for granted every day.

Interestingly, when our body is in balanced natural posture it literally 
"sits on itself". In this state the muscles of the body are mostly 
resting, the joints (while carrying their share of the weight of the 
body) are not stressed, and the energy consumed by the body to maintain 
this natural balance is quiet low.

Only when the body leaves a state of balance do the muscles begin to be 
activated, the joints begin to be stressed, and the body demands more 
energy to maintain upright posture. The further a body departs from 
balanced posture, the more stress there is on the joints, the harder the 
joints work to maintain upright posture, and the energy required to stay 
erect skyrockets.

A person whose posture is correct is not only more functional, stronger 
mechanically, and more coordinated, but they have much more vitality 
with which to live life because they are using much less energy just 
remaining upright! Truly, the "power of good posture" works to the 
advantage of those who have it. They can dance, lift their 
grandchildren, enjoy a brisk walk, and "get with life" in general.

It is never too late to work on your posture, and the investment will 
produce great dividends!

Dr. Wayne Bennett is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist at the Bennett
Clinic, Prescott/Prescott Valley AZ