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   Help With Relocation Trauma

As the population ages, it is becoming commonplace for seniors to relocate in order to live closer to their adult children. The decision is often made at the point mom or dad can no longer drive, is facing declining health, or requires additional help with some of the tasks of daily living. Other times, it’s simply a case of grandma or grandpa wanting to spend more time with their grandkids.

Whatever the reason, most of a family’s planning surrounding the decision is generally spent on logistics such as whether mom or dad will live with the adult child’s family or move into an assisted living facility, and how they will physically get their personal belongings from their current locale to their new home.

Whether you are an adult child who is contemplating relocating your elderly parent, or you are the parent who is planning to move to be closer to your adult children, don’t overlook the potential emotional trauma such a move might cause. 

Under the best of circumstances, moving is stressful. For seniors, especially those who have lived alone for quite some time, being uprooted from a daily routine and familiar surroundings can be more stressful than the actual move itself and result in unnecessary anxiety. Even if the senior is looking forward to being closer to family, severing their root system can be traumatic.

To pave the way for a happier experience, the senior might consider establishing a connection to the new community prior to relocating. It can be helpful for the senior to make a few trips to the local Adult or Community Center in their new town. There, they can get to know a few people, meet other recent transplants, and they’re likely to receive invitations to get together for lunch, once they’ve gotten settled in.

In the extended Prescott area, there are several such nonprofit Centers. Each has a variety of social, educational and health related activities, as well as meals and food banks. For specific schedules or more information, feel free to call or visit.

The Adult Center of Prescott is located in the Rowle P. Simmons Community Center, 1280 East Rosser Street. Visit their website at or call (928) 778-3000 for information. Central Arizona Senior Association (CASA) is located at 9360 Manzanita Circle in Prescott Valley. Visit or call (928) 772-3337. Chino Valley Senior Center is located at 1021 West Butterfield Road. For information, visit (select Departments, Senior Services) or call (928) 636-9114. Dewey-Humboldt Community Activity Center is located at 13000 East Prescott Street in Humboldt. For information, call (928) 308-8743. Mayer Elder’s Club is located at 10051 South Main Street. For information, call (928) 632-7511.

If you have experiences to share on the topic of senior relocation (both good and bad), I’d love to hear from you. 
By Debbie Stewart