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Wellness Lifestyles


"Wellness" is first and foremost a choice to assume responsibility for 
the quality of one's life. It begins with a conscious decision to shape 
a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is a mindset, a predisposition to adopt a 
series of key principles in life that lead to high levels of well-being 
and satisfaction.

Wellness is an alternative to dependency on doctors and drugs, to 
complacency, to mediocrity, to self-pity, boredom and slothfulness.

Many see wellness as a philosophy that embraces the principles for good 
health. The areas most closely affected by your wellness commitments 
include self-responsibility, exercise and fitness, nutrition, stress 
management, critical thinking, meaning and purpose of spirituality, 
emotional intelligence, humor and play, and effective relationships.

Wellness entails a conscious commitment to positive initiatives and 
principles for optimal functioning in life.

And let's talk about the illusion of "health" insurance." Money payments 
to doctors and insurance companies can not insure health -- only a 
steady effort to live healthfully can do that. Health insurance is 
actually a system for arranging payments for medical services. The 
latter can not make you well, only help you deal with illness.

The paradox of health is that while we are living longer, we are not 
living in a manner consistent with the highest possible quality of 
life. In some ways, we are "doing better and feeling worse".

Research suggests that the "wellest of the well" possessed the following 
qualities, to an uncommon degree:

* high self-esteem and a positive outlook
* a foundation philosophy and a sense of purpose
* a strong sense of personal responsibility
* a good sense of humor and plenty of fun in life
* a concern for others and a respect for the environment
* a conscious commitment to personal excellence
* a sense of balance and an integrated lifestyle
* freedom from addictive behaviors of a negative or
health-inhibiting nature
* a capacity to cope with whatever life presents and to continue to
* grounded in reality
* highly conditioned and physically fit
* a capacity to love and an ability to nurture
* a capacity to manage life demands and communicate effectively.

How are you doing in these areas, and what will it take to do more in 
some of them that might enhance your "wellness level"? True Wellness is 
"an inside job". Keep taking that next step and enjoy the benefits!

Dr. Wayne Bennett is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist at the Bennett
Clinic, Prescott/Prescott Valley AZ